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There are some key trends affecting the culture of work and employee’s expectations on what a modern work environment provides.


More Collaboration

People work in twice as many teams and spend 50% more time collaborating.


Employee Engagement

Globally, employee engagement is 15%. At the best performing companies, 70% of staff are engaged and profits 21% higher.


Internal, External and Remote

People need to connect and communicate across organisations, locations & time zones.


Diverse Workforce

People have different expectations, preferences, skillsets and abilities.

The result is that organisations have to shift their technical infrastructure, tools, and applications to accommodate this paradigm shift – across all departments of the business.

That’s why we’ve developed our Teamwork Assessment 1-day workshop where we’ll begin your change process to get your organisation working better together. We will:

  • Understand what success looks like for you and define your success criteria
  • Identify the unique vision, needs, and goals of your business
  • Build deeper engagement with your business stakeholders
  • Demonstrate “art of the possible” as it applies to your business


So that we can quickly get to establishing your organisation with a roadmap, we have a few stages we go through.

  • Kick-off meeting where we identify project sponsor and key stakeholders. We also undertake our comprehensive Teamwork Assessment
  • Run workshop with all involved stakeholders to set your objectives and create the vision
  • Present back your Teamwork roadmap with actionable tasks


INT Hub 1

If you are a managed Microsoft customer (enterprise), we have a limited number of workshops available which are fully funded by Microsoft. We know they will fill up fast, so register today so you don’t miss out.

Key outcomes:
  1. Whole organisation is aligned on best path forward
  2. Organisational approach is agreed
  3. Comprehensive roadmap and actionable plan
Who will benefit from this session:

This workshop is only suitable for enterprise. As these are funded by Microsoft, we have strict criteria on who will be accepted. 

If you’re working in an enterprise and are an IT person responsible for teamwork, modern workplace and collaboration; or you are the head of a key department of your business, please complete the application and we will be in touch once we have confirmed you meet the criteria.  

If you are looking for more technical understanding of Microsoft Teams specifically, you may be more suitable for our Microsoft Teams Accelerator sessions. You can find more information here.  

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Teamwork Assessment workshop.